The most important week for Slovenia or M.C. chases a second

By the end of April the Government in Brussels to send a National reform program and the stability program, in which it will be written, and how we want to live in Slovenia.

miro cerar

More is coming deadline for submitting documents, the greater the jitters between employers, trade unions, political parties and citizens. Until now, only to see the draft of the programme, from which concrete measures have not yet been identified, from the individual statements that we have heard in recent days, however, is that despite the restart economic growth for an extended period of belt tightening.

About what will end up in the papers, which will have journeyed to Brussels, the coalition partners started to talk or negotiate, yesterday. The basic starting point should be the promotion of investment, structural reforms and fiscal responsibility.

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Patrick wants a list of concrete measures.

The words that we have heard a million times, but what citizens interested in concrete actions, which will be known in the quality of their stay.

As we have already noted, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Government thinks Mira Cerarja measures that brought them the law on balancing finances, from temporary to permanent. If you remember, the us Government in 2012 due to the crisis made that we are feeding ‘temporarily’ shut down. ‘ Until the end of the crisis, ‘they said.


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