Mramorju turned on the green light Committee, this predicts a saving

Candidate for Finance Minister Dušan Mramor was on the finance Committee by 14 votes in favour and six against. Continuation of savings and attract investors, predicts.

Mramor is in defending explained that sees an opportunity to get out of the crisis in the financial system, which serviced the solid economy and population. The first task should be to economic independence, which can be achieved only by means of a competitive economy, he said.


” The economy is weak, but if you have the option, as appropriate to support the exit from the crisis, ‘stressed Mramor, who was finance minister during the 2002 and 2004. It is pointed out that in Slovenia for many years, imbalances (in the area of public finances, the financial market and the labour market), resulting in low or negative economic growth.

What about new fiscal law in Slovenia?

Time and space for political games no longer
‘s situation is serious. Room for manoeuvre for various political and blockades, ” not dribble has warned, if confirmed and announced for the Finance Minister, restrictive fiscal policy. When we get the deficit below the required three percent of GDP, it must try to reduce the debt below 60 percent of GDP.