German Government apparently ignored by the statistics and economic research

At a recent Conference in Jackson Hole’s Mario Draghi to fiscal policy changes direction and help monetary and structural reforms.

P P Yolanda told me he actually told … that claims most of the Governments and international institutions and economists: that any cost-saving kills economic growth and the EU’s taking in a long deflationary depression. But German politicians not put, and continue to argue that the ‘growth and fiscal consolidation are not in conflict’ and ignoring statistics and economic research.

The following is the results of present P some of the research that I do not acknowledge the German theory.

What about the Slovenian economy. Of course, not alone, but is saved by public costs to further strengthen its economic growth. And well, that is not saved, because otherwise it would be a disaster even greater in the EU, believes Damian.

For Germany is nothing to be afraid of. We’re going to the rest of the South of the Republic, in particular, worked for the German bank. Many times I think it is Ms Merkel without a single bolt of lightning reached more in a more friendly way than Hitler with his vast military machine. I’m sorry, but English politics-deni and left, too, that your brain lackeys to activate – if there is no communication between brain cells too disabled for too much loneliness.

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